Accessories Overview

Accessories Overview

KP Technology offers a wide array of modular accessories to complement our systems. These can be applied to any system. Our current accessories include the Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy (SPS), Surface Photovoltage (SPV), LED Rings and Sample Heaters. If you require more information please contact us, or view our knowledge database.

Surface Photovotlage Spectroscopy (SPS) Module

The surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy modules are the perfect all-in-one solution for in-depth studies of light sensitive materials such as Organic Semiconductors, Solar Cells or Light Sensitive Dyes.

The modules cover a comprehensive range of measurement modes including DC and AC surface photovoltage studies utilising the built-in Optical Chopper. Total digital control of all parameters including light intensity and wavelength (400-700nm or 400-1000nm) gives the oppurtunity to investigate the quality of samples , characterise interface and bulk defect states.

The SPS030 package includes an additional Application Module Digital Control Unit for control of a range of light sources, including LED, LUXEON and Quartz Halogen sources. Also included is a Motorised Monochromator with a wavelength range of 400 to 800 nm. The package allows for variable intensity and variable frequency measurements as well as AC or DC photovoltage measurement options.

The SPS040Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy package includes light source and Motorized Monochromator, wavelength range 400-800 nm 500x500x500 Optical Enclosure, optical table top 900x600mm AC and DC surface photovoltage measurements.

Graph right shows SPS Response of mc-Si, Si3N4 and CdTe Samples

Surface PhotoVoltage (SPV) Modules

Our SPV range provides modular additions to the Kelvin Probe System giving a seamless upgradefor automatic Surface Photovoltage measurements.The SPV010 or SPV020 module is the ideal upgrade to any of our Kelvin Probe Systems, for any one with an interest in light sensitive materials such as solar cells and light sensitive dye. Vary the light intensity of the 150W DC regulated Quartz Tungsten Halogen bulb to achieve open circuit potential or investigate the quality of your latest roll-to-roll silicon solar cells.

The SPV010 package includes an LED Light Source (White LED) and enhanced software features to allow SPV measurements. The LED Light Source can be automatically controlled via our standard Kelvin Probe Digital Control Unit.

The SPV020 package includes an additional Application Module Digital Control Unit for control of a range of light sources, including LED, LUXEON and Quartz Halogen sources. The package also allows for variable intensity and variable frequency measurements.

Sample Heaters

Our Sample Heaters have a temperature range of Ambient to 383K. The consist of 50mm*50mm heater stage. The stage itself is powered by an external power supply unit. The temperature can be set and regulated by the software, allowing the user to set a temperature range in software and to measure through tis. The heater can be used in conjunction with ambient, UHV, Nitrogen or Relative Humidity systems.

LED Rings

Our LED Rings add to the bottom of the Kelvin Probe, allowing for up to 8 focused wavelengths of light, selectable in the software, to shine incident to the sample directly below the Kelvin Probe tip. It is also possible to vary the intensity and the LED Ring works in both AC and DC. For more information or a quote please do not hesititate to contact us, we'll be happy to discuss both upgrades to pre-exsisting Kelvin Probes and options for new purchases.